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Piping Work



Our piping work experience dates back to 2007, and includes both Piping Fabrication and Installation services.  With the support of our highly skilled and experienced team, we have carried out several major projects such as:

  • PT Magma Nusantara Limited, Piping Work Area B Wayang Windu Geothermal Power Project Unit 2, Canning.
  • Piping work ROPP Balongan, Shop Fabrication 140.000 D/I  and field installation 155.000 D/I.
  • Repair of 18” Steam Pipe in Balongan for PT Pertamina.
  • Piping Replacement 201-E-001 and Bootleg 201-V-001, Tuban, TPPI Tuban.
  • For our client PT Sulfindo Adiusaha , Interconnecting Piping Part 2, Merak.
  • Piping work PBI 150 000 MTA Butadine Extraction Plant, Anyer, for PT Chandra Asri.

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